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    What's going on at WDC?

    You have time to sign up for the May Musical! Until then, enjoy the prep for future week!

    This month's birthdays!

    2nd, Molly Liu
    6th, Isaac Erikksen
    7th, Logan Specter
    20th, Ralph Owens
  • upcoming events

    Every month we'll have a large school event. Below, we will always involve a short description of the monthly event. But, little events can take place, including ones sent in by you! Head to the '/app' page and fill out the application! Submit it and we'll review it and post it for everyone to see! Now, look below to see what's up the the APRIL 2014 EVENT!

    Welcome to 2024. It's been a few years since some students have been on campus, but now they're back thanks to an reunion event all past students have been invited to. It's a week of mingling and fun for all past students of WDC. How did your character turn out? Future week will begin on April 13th and last until April 19th. The week from today to the 13th will be prep week! Check out the 'event: wdc future week.' tag for details!

  • birthdays


    Who's growing up this month? We had Molly Liu on April 2nd and Isaac Erikksen on the 6th! We'll have Logan Specter on the 7th of the month and Ralph Owens on the 20th! Happy Birthday to you all!

Anna 4 President :D

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